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Communications, media, public relations and marketing support firm.

Marketing through Communications

Everyone has a story, but how can you be sure that your brand - what people think and feel about your company, products and services - aligns with your story?  We can help. 


We can help you to research your brand and determine its attributes.  We will work with you to create a visual identity program, style guide and brand guide, all designed to keep you moving forward with developing and supporting your brand. In your voice, your way.


We believe that marketing starts with telling your story and your purpose as a company, business unit or product.  We can help you create a marketing and advertising campaign, a social media strategy and faciliate in-market execution that is authentic to the ideals of your organization and supports your principles.  


It is impossible (and really quite inefficient) to try to be everywhere at once.  That's why Independent Communications offers on-the-ground support to manage your creative needs, whether they be site selection, art direction, photography or other location based marketing and advertising requirements. 



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Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone deserves a voice. Let us help you share yours.


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